A Business Website Should Generate Revenue.

Just having a website typically isn't enough any more. A small business has to properly leverage their presence to compete.

Our primary goal, therefore, is simple - we want to make your new or current website a success by implementing effective design and marketing strategies.

See how our services below are best suited for your business needs:

Mobile Friendly Website Design

Potential customers may be using a phone, tablet or desktop computer to search for your goods or services - your site can look outstanding regardless.

We design or redesign websites to look great on all devices. We build responsive websites. A responsive website will adjust aesthetically to the screen size of whatever customers are using.

Internet Advertising Services

Maximize your market share and reach.

We offer Local SEO and Pay Per Click Marketing strategies for your business as effective ways to improve traffic to your website.

Local SEO

We utilize Local Search Engine Optimization to increase the visibility of your business on line in your local area.

We can provide potential customers with numerous ways to find your business on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Pay Per Click Marketing

If you own a service business, pay per click marketing can really help you compete with the bigger brands and companies in your area.

We can place ads for your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo whenever people type in search terms that are relevant to your business - resulting in targeted traffic and quality leads in a geographically-defined area.


This service is typically utilized by clients who run Google Adwords pay per click campaigns on their own - but who may benefit from a fresh set of eyes from time to time.

We can maintain your paid marketing efforts on a consultant basis - or let us build one out for you - or manage your campaign on a month to month basis.


It is important to provide the best user experience possible for potential and existing customers, reaching as many as possible.

An Ocean County based restaurant will probably not be able to monetize the internet the same way that, say an auto supply shop might.

At Locally Significant, we know this and choose not to create cookie cutter packages that will only benefit certain small business niches.

We provide free quotes after discussing what type of work you require as it relates to your current website or online advertising plan.