Frequently Asked Website Questions

What is this going to cost?

The only answer for this question is "It Depends".

We can give you a free quote after a brief discussion.

We need to understand what your trying to accomplish and what you may need. Examples of needs include photographs, copywriting, logo and other graphics.

We'll ask you a series of questions about your business and offer you some options based on what we believe would be in your best interest financially within your budget.

Here's an example of why it's not really possible to quote a client up front:

A landscaper has a number of different website and internet marketing options that we can implement to help increase their customer base. Prices will vary by hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on how large of a website they want and how aggressively they want to market their services online.

In comparison, a small pizzeria or a deli does not have as many options. While there are things we can do to help a pizzeria or deli online, the businesses are just too different and should not rely on a "standard" website design or marketing solution.

Why don't I just get a cheap website?

A "cheap" site typically "looks" cheap.

Most of our clients come to us with a cheap website that a friend, relative or neighbor made for them. The problem is those websites do not usually help you acquire any new customers, do not represent your business well or even help retain current customers.

The bottom line is cheap sites rarely generate income.

It is easy to under or overspend on a website if you are poorly advised. The priority should be on finding a sensible and effective solution for your business within your budget. The goal is to get the best return possible on your web investment.

Why should I use Locally Significant?

Our priority is to create and develop profitable website and internet marketing packages.

You will be working with an experienced web designer and internet marketer during the entire development process.

If you expect your website to contribute to the success of your business then we are a company you should strongly consider. We go above and beyond to leverage any opportunities that we feel will contribute to your online success.

We make every effort to understand your business, what kind of services your offer and profit from. We also evaluate your online competition to find the most cost effective way for leverage your web presence to generate revenue.

How do we get started?

After our initial conversation or possibly series of conversations, we will present whatever opportunities we feel make sense for your business and your budget.

If you are interested in our services we require half of the total price of your website package up front.

You will have access to your web site during the development process. It will be password protected on one of our servers.

Upon completion of your web site package we require final payment. We will then move your site to a host of your choice (we can help you choose one and take care of everything involved).

We accept checks and cash.

How long will it take to build my website?

Most of the sites we build take 4 to 8 weeks to complete.